Reclamation Press publishes wisdom from disability communities. We seek submissions of finished manuscripts. This means that you are finished writing your book, have cleaned up all the typos, and are ready for publishers to read it.

We will consider re-publishing an existing book where you, the author, have clear ownership of the book’s content. That means you have the rights to reprint the words in the book. We will put a new cover on the book so you do not need to have the rights to anything other than your words.


We open our submission process once a year. If you want to be notified of our submissions opening, please send an email to RecLaPress at gmail dot com.

We post our Submissions opening on all our social media platforms.

We use “RecLaPress” as our username on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


We prioritize writings from disabled people. That means our authors identify as living with a disability/chronic health condition. We prefer disabled writers who are connected to disability communities.

We prioritize writing that:

  • is well written and thought provoking
  • portrays disabled people’s lives as valuable
  • provides perspectives not currently presented in books particularly disabled people of color, people with marginalized disabilities, disabled people from underrepresented communities such as LGBTQ, immigrants, refugees, etc.

We are not interested in works:

  • written by nondisabled writers
  • that portray some disabled people as better than other disabled people
  • focus on disabled people as inspiring, courageous, or other stereotypes
  • portray disability as a condition that needs to be fixed
  • assume a hierarchy where some people are better than others


For Submissions questions, please email us at RecLaPress at gmail dot com