Troubleshooting Book cover

Glitch in the System: Book One
by Selene dePackh


The Kinda Fella I Am
by Raymond Luczak

Bold, Insightful
Sexy, Funny


Book cover, painting of a 10 men
Painting by Naomi Ortiz of a brown skinned woman sitting holding a red cactus flower. Her eyes are closed. Next to the painting is a photograph of a spiky cactus. Over the painting is the text: Sustaining Spirit. Self-Care for Social Justice. Naomi Ortiz

Sustaining Spirit
Self-Care for
Social Justice
by Naomi Ortiz

Healing & Sustaining

Fading Scars
My Queer Disability History, 2nd Edition
Corbett Joan OToole

History with Heart

Book cover with close-up photo of artist Sandie Yi wearing homemade latex shorts and hand splints