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Troubleshooting book cover. The left side is a long vertical band of dark grey and the right side has light grey band. On the upper left there is an image of smoke that takes up the top 40% of the dark grey. On the upper right is a calligraphy style figure.Troubleshooting: Book One
Glitch in the System series

by Selene dePackh 

The authoritarian dregs of collapsing society require absolute compliance. Noncompliance is deadly.

One neuroqueer teenager, betrayed by the juvenile justice system, fights a desperate struggle to survive.  Against all odds, the rebellious sexworker retains her humanity with the support of another prisoner.

See author Selene dePackh’s searing dystopian saga through the eyes of her fiercely female-genderqueer narrator, and learn what it is to be autistic in the new world order.

Selene dePackh creates innovative story lines that expand the science fiction genre of cyberpunk into an entirely new subcategory which she calls Neuropunk, which draws on her own autism to immerse the reader in a firsthand experience of institutional bias.

The Kinda Fella I Am

by Raymond Luczak

I used to be the kinda fella who was expected to sit quietly in his wheelchair by the sidelines …

 So begins Raymond Luczak’s extraordinary collection of short stories. As always, he takes us on journeys that offer insider looks into lives we rarely see. He transforms the unfamiliar into universal human experiences.

Raymond Luczak, author of the award-winning novel Men with Their Hands, goes boldly into bedrooms and other places where most able-bodied men fear to tread.


Sustaining Spirit:
Self Care for Social Justice

by Naomi Ortiz

Naomi Ortiz asks: How can I change the world when I am so burned out? In Sustaining Spirit, she weaves together personal experiences in class, race and disability advocacy into informative advice on dealing with burnout. She offers guidance balancing activism while creating more wholehearted lives.

Naomi is a Disabled Mestiza (Indigenous/ Latina/ White) who was raised in Latinx culture. Through her a writing, poetry, facilitating and artistry she cracks apart common beliefs and spills out beauty.

Fading Scars:
My Queer Disability History

by Corbett Joan O’Toole

Corbett shares over 40 years of American disability rights history and insights in this compelling and spell-binding compilation of essays looking at the intersections of queer, disability, race, violence, parenting and even sports.

*Finalist, Lambda Literary Awards, 2016 and selected as one of five Must Read books by the Women’s March, 2017

Corbett Joan OToole is a lovable badass who shares through writing, quilting, and mentoring fabulous disabled people.