Disability Contingent Women’s March 2018 Oakland

IMPORTANT –  You MUST be at the Disability Contingent Meeting place
NO LATER than 10:30am.
We are at the beginning of the March. If you arrive after 10:30am,
join the group at 13th and Lake Merritt Blvd.

Let us know you are coming

WATCH the March
accessible viewing spots:
* 14th and Madison on the NorthWest Corner
* 14th and Harrison at SouthWest corner
(in front of parking lot)

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MEETING PLACE: The disability contingent for the Women’s March Oakland will meet in the Kaiser Convention Parking Lot on 10th Street. It is behind the Oakland Museum of California on the east side, in between the museum and the Kaiser Convention Center. It is a 0.3 mi walk from Lake Merritt BART to this location. The GPS location is 40 – 10th Street.


GUIDES: There will be GUIDES at Lake Merritt BART station and along the way to help people find the parking lot gathering place. Guides will be available from 9:15-10:45am.


IMPORTANT: The 2017 Women’s March Oakland had 100,000 participants, Lake Merritt BART and surrounds will be crowded. We strongly encourage you take public transportation.

Plan on long delays and fully packed BART cars unless you get on at the beginning of a route. Consider going “backwards” to a less crowded station in order to get on the train. Also, there will be a lot of delays so plan at least an hour extra for transit times.

ELEVATOR INFO: If you plan to use the elevator at Lake Merritt Bart station:
* If you are coming from Berkeley or San Francisco, get on the BACK of the Bart train to be near the elevator when you arrive.
* If you are coming from Fremont, get on the FRONT of the Bart train.


There WILL be ASL interpreters on the stage at the Rally. There will NOT be ASL interpreters working during the March.

Lake Merritt Bart

From Lake Merritt BART station to the Disability Contingent MEETING PLACE:  If you are near the rear of the train on the Fremont/ Dublin/ Pleasanton line or the front of the train on SF/ Richmond/ Pittsburg line, there is an escalator leading up (right across from the BART elevator). Exit the turnstiles to your right as you head up from the platform.

Take a left after the turnstiles and head to the 8th Street/ Laney College Exit. There is the option of taking stairs or using the street elevator at this exit. Once on the street level, there will be a LightHouse volunteer (wearing a black LightHouse shirt) pointing you in the right direction along Oak Street.

Walk 2 blocks north along Oak Street towards Lake Merritt and the Oakland Museum. At the northeast corner of Oak and 10th, there will be another LightHouse volunteer who will escort you to the disability contingent meeting place.

From the corner of Oak and 10th, you will walk one block east until you find a driveway. Turn left and the Disability Contingent will be straight ahead at the end of the parking lot.


About participating in the Disability Contingent, contact: Laura Millar at: lmillar@lighthouse-sf.org or (415) 694-7345.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Disability Contingent, contact: Allyson Ferrari at aferrari@lighthouse-sf.org or (415) 694-7320.